Jacob Collier Collab Clog.
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Jacob Collier.
Meet the Maestro.

Crowned the Mozart for Gen Z, Jacob Collier is a four-time GRAMMY® award-winning singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer whose repertoire has a way of making an octopus look under-armed. Though he dabbles in jazz, pop, and acapella, we noticed he hadn’t tried clogs yet. So, we challenged him to bring his melody-making magic to your feet. Spoiler alert: he didn’t miss a beat.

Jacob Collier in his collab clog. Jacob Collier in his collab clog.
Step Into a Symphony of Style.

Give your feet a standing ovation. This collab hits all the right notes with a spectrum of vivid colors, zig-zag patterns, and a first-of-its-kind chime that rings a bell you won’t forget. Let’s hear a round of applause for the Jacob Collier X Crocs Classic Clog.

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Plug In, Step Up, Jam Out.

Ever chime a bell with a tap of a toe? Or play a symphony with each step? With Jacob Collier’s Jibbitz™, your Crocs are the stage and you’re the headliner. So, slip ‘em on, make some noise, and move your feet to the rhythm of the beat.

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Jacob Collier in his collab clog.
Dive Into 'Wellll'.

Jacob Collier takes a Jibbitz™-sized journey in “The Wellll.” Step into his world, where every note explores the magic of our collaboration and invites you to express your creativity.