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Love crocs? Stay up-to-date and follow the trends. Find the latest news and get behind-the-scenes. News from all countries combined in one single blog. Enjoy!


Cold outside? Put on the Crocs boots and keep the warmth at your feet! Fashionable, light weighted snow boots for comfort and warmth. You are ready for the cold days!


You will need a bright side in those rainy days. Our colourful rain boots keep you dry and what makes them different to other rain boots is that these are extremely light.
Keep those feet dry with our rain boots and let your kids jump into the puddles. These rain boots will give these rainy days definitely a bright side! Check out our rain boots for kids!


Crocs Fit2U technology™ for the ultimate comfort sensation. Get more comfort in your life with our Stretch Sole collection. Stretches & flexes to fit you.